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Please be advised that appointment preferences will be determined by tutor availability and the tutor’s worksite. The Tutoring Center team will do our best to honor appointment preferences. If you are requesting an in-person appointment and an in-person appointment is scheduled for you, please be aware of the Bakersfield College vaccination requirement for on-campus visits.

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Note: If you request a recurring appointment, be aware that this is a semester-long weekly commitment. Scheduling appointments behind the scenes takes much work, so please do your part and honor your commitment.

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DSPS/EOPS students may have a second hour-long appointment per class based on tutor availability. Please email if you would like a second appointment. Second appointment requests will begin to be reviewed week 4. Be prepared to provide your DSPS or EOPS paperwork upon request.

Please note that:

  • Enrolling into ACDV B81 NC- Supervised Tutoring allows you to receive tutoring services. 
  • This is a non-credit course, which is not graded and services are free. 
  • The course WILL show up on your transcript and on your class schedule. 
  • Enrollment enables us to report hours of student attendance, which supports and maintains Tutoring Services.

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